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New medical spa location opening this fall 2023, looking for a full-time lead esthetician.

This opening is for a licensed esthetician who has a passion for providing a world class experience for their clients.

The lead esthetician will be expected to help establish and grow the skin care department, take part in the hiring and management of future estheticians, and continue their education regularly to remain up to date on current trends and changes.

The lead esthetician will be trained in the medical spa’s electronic medical record scheduling and documentation system, will be an active member of the social media marketing team for the advertising of the practice, will be responsible for managing all skin care department inventory, will be expected to represent the skin care department during all scheduled monthly business meetings and with industry partners.

Lead esthetician may be asked to consult on medical spa patients of the nurse practitioner.

Salary will be commission based on every skin care patient treated by the lead esthetician, the treatment of Botox/Filler/Sculptra/Kybella/PRP/Laser patients who were referred by the lead esthetician, and the sale of all skincare products.

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