With so many things happening around New Jersey and New York, sometimes it can be exhausting to settle for a barber’s or a cosmetology license. These two evergreen professions have been the bread and butter for many, and they could be your ticket to making a good life for yourself.

The point is you are still not sure which one to choose between the two. From what you’ve seen and the research you may have done, you have no clear answer yet as to which direction to take.

Continue reading for a clear explanation of these two, and hopefully, it will be easier for you to decide between getting a barber license or vs. cosmetology license.

Difference Between Barber vs. Cosmetologist Services

Although it may seem like there isn’t much disparity between what a barber does and what a cosmetologist accomplishes, there truly is an overlap in what the two professionals do, but there are also significant differences.

What is a barber?

A barber cuts and shapes hair, grooming and shapes facial hair. They use scissors, razors, or trimmers, depending on the hairstyle the client wants. The significant contrast is that barber typically serve men but can sometimes cater to women. Their prime focus is on hair care.

What is a cosmetologist?

A cosmetologist works with beauty treatments for skin, hair, and nails. They offer various services, including body waxing, make-up applications, manicures and pedicures, facials, hair styling, and scalp treatments.

The skills a cosmetologist needs are plentiful in comparison to a barber. Likewise, a cosmetologist does not have a primary clientele but serves where needed and for the job required.

Barber License vs. Cosmetology License Demands

With the above understanding of what each specialization entails, it’s best to look at what is required to obtain the respective licenses. Note that each state has a licensing board for the two professions.

So, whether you are considering practicing your occupation in Philly, South Jersey, or New York, you’ll have to seek a barber vs. a cosmetology license in the respective state. Where you apply for it will have distinct requirements from the next.

In general, cosmetology licenses are more demanding than those of a barber. This is because you get to cover more topics than you would have covered as a barber. You may also need to complete apprenticeship hours to finalize your licensing requirements.

Professional Considerations and Demands

A license for a barber or a cosmetologist is just one part of the equation. Achieving that requirement is generally enough if you are looking to work at someone else’s shop. However, you must meet additional conditions if you intend to start your own barbershop business.

For one, you will need the business’s cosmetology or barber license. Also, whether you are looking at setting up in South Jersey, Central Jersey, New York, or Philly, the local and state governments may have separate requirements for you to satisfy before establishing a shop.

Barbers and Cosmetologists Operating Jointly

Since these two professions are reasonably similar, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that you could team up with someone and work in the exact location. Under one roof, you will offer nail care, hair services, facial hair care, hair coloring, and hair design services.

Not only is this advantageous in business and cost-sharing, but it also ensures a steady and diverse stream of clients. A venture that diversifies secures its survival.

According to licensing requirements, a cosmetologist in a barbershop must work with a licensed barber on the premises. Similarly, this condition applies to a barber working for a cosmetology salon.

Start Your Cosmetology Career Today

With a clear idea of the differences that set a barber and a cosmetologist apart, it’s up to you to imagine what you want to become and what you desire to achieve. This is where we, at Rizzieri Aveda Cosmetology School come in.

To earn a barber license vs. a cosmetology license, you need to join either program with the expectation of learning from qualified instructors full of experience and insight. Upon enrolling with us for the next step in your life, that’s what we offer. All you need to do to get started is contact us today.

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