So … you’ve found your passion for beauty and are a part of the 86% of students who have finished their beauty program at Rizzieri. As daunting as post-graduation can be, you are now in a prime position to take on the beauty industry as a professional. The list of career paths you can go down can be overwhelming, but never fear! We’re here to help you explore your options, no matter your specialty. 



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The Hair/Makeup Visionary: Stylist

For those who have discovered their passion for witnessing the transformations their hands can create, the role of a stylist may suit you best. Being a stylist with your own chair in a salon, spa, or barber shop allows you to interact with and execute your talent on a variety of clients. Stylists are the architects of self-expression, shaping hair and makeup to reflect personality, trends, and occasions.


Being The Boss: Salon Owner

For the graduates that possess a passion for both beauty and leadership, taking an entrepreneurial pivot may be right for you. Beyond the brushes and scissors, this path involves managing a business, building a brand, and cultivating a loyal clientele. Salon owners have the chance to create a unique atmosphere and a team that shares their passion, offering experiences that go beyond their services and become moments to cherish.


The Expert At Showing Others How To Be An Expert: Beauty Educator 

Some find that there is nothing more rewarding than passing on the knowledge of their passion. If that’s you, being a beauty educator is a phenomenal choice! Now that you know all the tricks of the trade for your program, channeling that passion into a teaching certification will come with ease. As an instructor, you become a beacon of knowledge—helping students grasp techniques, theories, and trends. This role requires not only expertise in beauty but also the ability to inspire and motivate.



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The One That Brings Beauty To The Runway: Fashion Week Artist

If you keep up with the beauty trends but the latest styles are also on your radar, being a Fashion Week Artist could be a perfect match. Both fashion and beauty fall into the realm of aesthetics and can beautifully intersect. Fashion week is the epitome of style and innovation, and being part of it as a stylist, makeup artist, or nail technician is a dream come true for many. Working backstage during runway shows, fashion week artists collaborate with designers to bring their creative visions to life through hair and makeup. 


The “Cover” Artist: Editorial Stylist

For the recent grads who find themselves admiring the editorial photos next to an article in their favorite online publication/magazine–that could be your work! Magazines, photoshoots, and editorial spreads offer a platform for beauty artists to tell stories through their craft. Editorial artists work closely with photographers, models, and creative directors to produce captivating visuals that push boundaries and redefine beauty norms. In this career, you are to experiment and explore the boundaries of your work through the variety of projects you’ll come across. 


The On-Screen Expert: TV/Film Beauty Artist

Those who frequently re-create the looks of their favorite TV show characters and on-screen celebrities may discover great satisfaction in uncovering the artistry that thrives behind the camera. The Film & TV industry is a canvas through which beauty artists help to create characters and emotions. Whether it’s for the latest Netflix special, or a highly anticipated Wes Anderson film—these artists have the remarkable ability to transform actors into their acquired persona. From creating realistic wounds to capturing period-specific aesthetics, TV/film beauty specialists prove that their skills are essential to good storytelling.


The One-On-One Pro: Personal Stylist/Makeup Artist

This one is for the grads who excel at navigating social interactions. Did you find yourself chatting it up with those you were practicing your skills on? If so, working one-on-one with a client may be your perfect match. Being a personal beauty artist empowers your social abilities as you take full responsibility for ensuring your clients’ comfort and enjoyment. You and your client work together to curate looks that enhance their unique features and reflect their personalities. 


The World Is Your Canvas

The beauty industry is expansive—encompassing a multitude of career paths, each catering to a distinct passion and skill set. Whether you’re drawn to the fast-paced glamor of fashion week, the intimate interactions of personal styling, or the entrepreneurship of salon ownership, Rizzieri Aveda School graduates have a world of opportunities at their fingertips. The journey after graduation is not only about applying makeup, perfecting nail techniques, or styling hair; it’s about sculpting a meaningful and fulfilling career that embraces creativity, innovation, and the power of self-expression. 


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