At Rizzieri Aveda School, a trait shared between all students is the passion for transformation. A career in hair revolves around the idea of making changes and bettering your future clients’ lives and self-confidence. So, you’re wondering, what specialty is your true calling? Are you destined to be a master of color or a styling sensation?

Let’s find out! Answer the questions below and keep track of which letter answer you find yourself gravitating most towards:

1. Which runway show would you rather go to at NYFW?

a) Jason Wu: known for his classic yet stunningly vibrant and feminine couture.

b) Tory Burch: known for angular tailoring and layering that builds structure without bulk.


2. Your dream day off involves…

a) Visiting art galleries, exploring nature or attending a music festival.

b) Shopping for the latest fashion trends, attending social events or enjoying a cozy day at a trendy café.


3. Your FYP consists of….

a) Experimental hair transformations, intricate nail designs and vibrant makeup looks.

b) Popular hair trends, the latest in fashion and soft glam.


4. Your ideal vacation spot would be…

a) Berlin to experience the nightlife and indulge in street art.

b) Rome to grab a mid-day espresso and explore the historical sights.


5. Your fav TV shows and movies feature…

a) Stunning cinematography and vibrant color schemes.

b) A focus on fashion, style and timeless aesthetics.


6. Your Ideal Home Decor Style Is:

a) Eclectic and vibrant, with a mix of bold colors, patterns and unique art pieces.

b) Minimalist and elegant, featuring clean lines, neutral tones and carefully curated décor.


7. Which high school course did you do better in?

a) Chemistry

b) Geometry


The results are in!


If you answered mostly A’s: A colorful career awaits!

Your vibrant personality and love for creativity, paired with an affinity to learning chemistry, make you a perfect fit for the world of hair coloring! Whether it’s through experimenting with various hues, perfecting the art of balayage, mastering the intricacies of ombre or creating stunning highlights, your skills will shine as a Color Specialist. Embrace the endless possibilities of hair coloring techniques, and let your passion for vibrant transformations become your signature style at Rizzieri Aveda School!


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If you answered mostly B’s: Styling is your go-to!

Your refined taste and attention to detail, coupled with a keen eye for shapes and angles, mark you as a natural Cutting Specialist! From curating elegant up-dos to crafting edgy fringes, your ability to harmonize shapes and angles will make you a sought-after Cutting Specialist! Embrace the artistry of geometry in creating looks that stand out.


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Remember, this quiz is just a fun exploration of your preferences, and your true path may evolve as you pursue your education. Whichever direction you choose, Rizzieri Aveda Beauty School is here to help you unleash your creativity and pursue your passion in the beauty world! Apply now.

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